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Frequently asked questions

Why Skype?
As one of the platforms with more users and features easy online tools to use for both parties.

Is it necessary to use the camera?
Well, it’s not an obligation, but from experience which I highly recommend because it offers security and confidence to students. It also allows you to see the joints of the teacher pronounces on which facilitates teaching.

What is the main language in class?
The best way to learn Spanish it is to hear a native speaker. It is for this reason that we have determined that for better education is spoken in the Spanish language. So the primary language of our modules and discussions will be in Spanish. This will be necessary for you to learn the language more easily listening to a native person.
Valuing and depending on the case, the teacher can explain some complex situations grammars in the English language.

How many levels or modules take the course?
Course Learning Spanishh Institute Online now has 5 modules of 20 lessons each, so it is in the student whether or not to take 20 classes in a month or split it in two months and take 10 classes each month, which could be spread over 3 or 2 classes a week. / Learn Spanish

How many times a week will be students taking classes and what time?
Our classes are open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Venezuela. (To see the time difference with respect to their country enter world time ) So the student can choose the hours and days that suit to attend their classes. As explained in the previous question always up to the student.

When I start to notice an improvement in Spanish? Language
Well, this is very important and we want to make it clear from the beginning. Because not everyone has the same ability to assimilate and learn. So they depend mainly on the level of motivation, responsibility and ability of each person. We
provide materials and tools to use in live classes that can help in the process easier. It
is also important to mention that depend on the frequency with classes are taken.
in general, we have seen great advances in some people between classes 10 to 20 which gives an estimate that at the end of the first module, the student should already know the basics in Spanish. /learn Spanish

When and how can I cancel a class?
Well, you should notify the support or the same person in charge with a minimum of 24 hours before the class so it can be reprogrammed with a new class time and you are not charged the missed class.
If a lower class is canceled at that time unfortunately will be charged to regulate and is non – refundable hour, or reprogramming.

You could learn online Spanishh Institute cancel a class?
Well, there are conditions that are sometimes out of our hands, as technical problems, natural disasters, power failures, or any emergency that may arise to the person in charge of teaching. Therefore the same support team would contact the student to reschedule missed class at no additional cost.

Since you mentioned that there may be technical problems or natural disasters, which would prevent the teacher gave the class, if these problems the student is present, you reschedule the class?
In these cases, we would be forced to reschedule the missed class no additional cost, to be beyond the student’s control.

? What if the student was late to class
Given that the teacher is committed to a timetable, he / she will contact the student calling through Skype and waiting delay of 10 or 15 minutes maximum; if at the end of this time the student is not presented, the class would be canceled and charged by the hour.

? What time online Learning Institute is based Spanishh to teach
The hours were based on the time of Caracas – Venezuela.

What are the course prices?
We have the most reasonable prices on the internet, so we have adapted two packages. Options for which most suits you. 1. Package group: (Recommended) . It is based on group classes with a maximum of 5 students per group, where you can learn and share experiences with people from different parts of the world; who share the same needs. I recommend this method because being in the group left grab more confident and fluent in the language; also it can be shared in an entertaining and participative with other students.

2. Individual Package: This package is based on classes for a single person with a slightly higher value, because it is special and private lessons, the procedure is similar to group classes but privately.



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