Why Learn Spanish?

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Mila,  Teacher of Learn Spanishh Institute Online

The Spanish according to statistics may vary; some say it is the third most spoken language in the world. With over 559 million native and foreign people who already speak Spanish, only behind Chinese Mandarin and English. In other statistics such as the Academy of the Spanish language CERVANTES located in Spain; claims that Spanish is the second language with more native speakers with an average of 500 million native speakers.

Spanish is spoken in different countries around the world, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, are some parts of the world where Spanish is the official language.

The following countries have an official Spanish language like Spain (European Country Cradle of the Spanish language), Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Philippines, the Asian country has formalized the Spanish as a second official language.

Now from my point of view there are more than 559 million of reasons to consider learning Spanish as your second language.

  1. If you’re planning to travel for vacation, study or work trust me, I know the language will help a lot.

You will be more pleasant if when traveling you can defend yourself and fend for yourself speaking Spanish and not have to need a third person to carry and accompany you everywhere so you can order a meal for example in a restaurant or translate what you mean in your work or university running the risk that often cannot interpret what you’re trying to publicize.

  1. Knowing Spanish will open many doors professionally.

If I tell you that today big companies are not only looking for trained people in the field of their profession, they also look for people who that can manage a second language in order to expand elsewhere or just to reach more people.

Also remember that many countries have Spanish as an official language, and equally your chances of getting a job in one of these countries will grow if you handle the language as well.

  1. Also if you’re a lover of world literature.  I tell you that there are many writers and works in Spanish literature, such as Don Quixote, 100 Years of Solitude or Dona Barbara, to name few ones, they have go around the world and they have been translated into dozens of different languages,but it is amazing to read and understand them in their original language, isn’t it?

Also if you are one of those people who love traveling, living and try different customs and cultures, learning Spanish could get you closer to these rich cultures in Latin American history.

Now that you have an idea of how amazing it would be to learn Spanish, do you know where you could study it?

Well, if you don’t know yet, I haven’t tell you that there is a program called Learn Spanishh Institute Online where you can learn the Spanish language live via Skype with native Spanish teachers where you can choose the days and times that suit you.

Learn Spanishh Institute Online:

We are a school where classes are taught in Spanish live via Skype.

If you set out earlier this year the goal of learning Spanish, you have come to the right place, Learn Spanishh Institute Online is exactly the place where you can learn how to think, speak and express yourself in Spanish in a dynamic, quickly and easily in the shortest time.

We know what we need to accomplish your purposes and goals, so we will provide you the best learning tools for you to have the most basic knowledge of Spanish in the shortest time possible.

Learn Spanish in a fun and entertaining way … Don’t worry! we are different from courses that are distributed via online so we design 2 different packages you can’t find elsewhere, because we know what you need and how you need it, besides we have trained indigenous personnel to make your experience the best .

That’s how our program works Easy!

In Learn Spanishh Institute Online we operate as follows, to begin our apprenticeship program you must go to the tab Start Now you can choose the course you need, select it and contact us so that you begin your first free class (class test), once decided, you choose the days and times that suits you, so you can view your classes, pay via PayPal to ensure your first module and so on the following. Finally attend your classes (depending on days and times chosen by you) insurance in less than you think you will be surprised the way you’re assimilating the Spanish.



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