Top 9 “Reasons to learn Spanish”

Top 9 "Reasons to learn Spanish"

 “Reasons to learn Spanish”

1. Learning Spanish is a really great medical advantage!

2. For many, learning Spanish is becoming a business necessity.

3. Spanish is all over the world.

4. Learning Spanish actually helps you expand your universe.

5. Knowing Spanish will completely transform your travel experience.

6. Knowing how to speak Spanish will allow you to help others.

7. The Love of Language could be a good reason to learn it!

8. Learning Spanish will allow you to appreciate the Hispanic cultural contributions.

9. Learning Spanish is fun!


1. Learning Spanish is really a great medical advantage!

Researches indicates that knowing and using two languages reduces the chances of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.
Scientists who studied this subject were based on previous studies and they have shown that bilingualism improves mental abilities in children and older adults.
Other studies show that by studying several languages you can improve your memory, as well as slowly decrease the age-related mental acuity. In brief, studying another language makes you smarter!
As simple as your analytical thinking skills will be strengthened as you learn to see things from a different angle. And best of all is that learning a second language stimulates creativity!

2. For many, learning Spanish is becoming a business necessity.

More and more companies choose to hire people who can speak Spanish.
Spanish is becoming increasingly important as far as companies are concerned. Learning Spanish will allow you to communicate better with Spanish-speakers’ employees or colleagues.

Wouldn’t be nice to be able to offer your product or service to more than 500 million people whose mother tongue is Spanish?
Well, following with the statistics we have that in North America, Hispanic consumers are the fastest growing market segment. In addition, many construction workers, domestic service, restaurants and etc..; Are Spanish speakers.
Your job opportunities increase, when you have in your CV that you speak Spanish. In the United States, knowing Spanish can be especially useful if you work in health or education.
As mentioned earlier, more and more, the trades where it is indispensable that the bosses and employees know Spanish, notice that in the construction they employ Spanish speaker’s workers increasingly. One thing is certain. If you are bilingual, you can be more efficient and have more career options than your monolingual counterpart. Globalization, with its accompanying free trade agreements shrinks the world of business, and those who know more than one language will certainly have the advantage, and turn the world to their feet!

3. Spanish is all over the world.

With more than 50 million Spanish speakers in the US, 40% of population growth is among Hispanic people, the stage is set for a large increase in the use of the Spanish language in the US.
So much so that the American President Barak Obama on one occasion encouraged a group of women to teach their children to speak Spanish as a second language because that would give them a better future.
Much interest has been generated among the citizens of the United States, which is a country that it is not especially recognized for its multilingualism. This interest will increase with the passing of the years where Hispanic growth in the United States is huge. But it is not only in the United States that Spanish is popular. In Europe, Spanish is the second most popular language remaining only after English.
With more than 500 million speakers, Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. Just Chinese Mandarin, and English have more speakers.
If you count only the native people, the English are only ahead of the Spanish.
Spanish is an official language on four continents and is the mother tongue in 21 countries. Well as you can realize the number of speakers of Spanish and its rate of growth is increasing so guiding us through these data you wonder, do you think that learning Spanish is a smart choice?

4. Learning Spanish really helps you to expand your universe.
According to the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, “the limits of my language are the limits of my world.” This is for me one of my favorite phrases because if we start thinking for a moment, we can understand that learning the Spanish language will develop your own personal universe.
As you will be wondering well note that as the Hispanic population continues to grow at a disproportionate rate, worldwide, this allows you more and more likely to be able to marry a Hispanic woman or a Hispanic man otherwise and thus belong To a Spanish-speaking family, or simply to have neighbors or meet people who speak Spanish in your daily travels.
The statistics do not lie and we know that more and more Spanish speakers in the United States are confined to different borders and cities. Nowadays, in almost all areas of the United States of America they have some type of Hispanic population. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to greet and chat with your compatriots freely (compatriots)?

* As a curious fact, the statistics say that a person tends to please a person who does not speak the language of the country if he is a resident and speaks in the language he understands!

5. Knowing Spanish will completely transform your travel experience.

This is something really incredible, although it is certainly possible to go to a Spanish speaking country without knowing Spanish, believe me that your trip will not be the same or compared to the incredible adventure that awaits the traveler who speaks Spanish.
If you only speak English, you will have to limit yourself to just the trips to the resorts, where almost everyone speaks some English. But if you really want to explore the area, venture into its ecosystem to meet the locals, all you need to know is Spanish.
Even things as simple as reading signs and menus, asking for directions or not letting yourself be deceived by a taxi driver or just telling you where you want to go requires a little knowledge of the language.
Apart from some things that are said about Latin Americans and Spaniards. Hispanics are surprisingly very generous people and if you speak Spanish your advantage will be much greater since you will find yourself received in a way that would never happen if you only spoke English.
In other words, when traveling to a Spanish speaking country, knowledge of the language will allow you to go from being an observer to an active participant.

6. Knowing how to speak Spanish will allow you to help others.

If you like to help others, learning to speak Spanish will put you in a position where you can help other people who do not speak English, or vice versa, people who speak English but do not speak Spanish. That is what we call a “win-win agreement.”
Unfortunately, the standard of living in many Spanish-speaking countries is quite low compared to normal western standards. Without stereotypes, Latin America often shows itself as a region affected by poverty, in many cases this is not true, there are still a lot of people in dire need.
Learning Spanish will prepare you for the next step, how important it really is to get out and make a difference! (Think of entities like The United Nations and UNICEF are always looking for volunteers who speak several languages.

7. Love of Language could be a good reason to learn it!
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: “Who does not know the foreign language knows nothing of his own language”, a very correct phrase since many of the languages that we have today on our planet descend from other languages, as it is known that Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French have their origin in Latin, as well as a very curious fact is also known that Spanish still retains in its dialect words of Arabic origin that were adopted by Hispanics in the time of The Arab colonization in the European continent.
For example, regarding the phrase of Johan Wolfgang it cannot be denied that the study of Spanish, perhaps it helps you to a better understanding of English.
Spanish is based on Latin, the language of the ancient Roman Empire. Many words in English are also of Latin origin, and so when you learn vocabulary in Spanish what you are really doing is expanding your English vocabulary.
In the same way, you will find that your understanding of the deep meaning of these words in English whose origin may be Spanish. In addition, by studying the grammar of Spanish, you will notice how it is similar to English. So, it will increase your knowledge of the grammar of your mother tongue. Because Spanish is almost perfect phonetically.
You can see almost any word and you immediately know exactly how to pronounce it. This feature makes Spanish one of the easiest languages to learn. Besides the great advantage also of learning Spanish is that when you want to learn a third language like French, Portuguese or Italian, knowing Spanish will have a great advantage, since these languages, too, are Romance languages and very similar to each other.

8. Learning Spanish will allow you to better appreciate Hispanic cultural contributions.

For many people, developing a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture is increasingly important.
Many foreigners want to learn Spanish simply because they want to understand the exquisite Latin American and Spanish culture a little more. Reading Spanish and Latin American newspapers and magazines; Will open a window of adaptation to the Hispanic mind.
Knowing the language will prepare you to better appreciate some of the great cultural contributions of modern and classic Hispanic. For example, in the Hispanic literature we have great heroes like the great Miguel Cervantes, Gabriel García Márquez, Rómulo Gallegos, etc. His Hispanic literary contributions are monumental.
Or what about the surrealist representations of Picasso, the Spanish influence in the arts has been considerable.
And if we go to the good culinary part who has not heard about tacos, quesadillas, paella, arepas, or just a few burritos? Hispanic and Latin American food is based on a combination of ingredients and with a high degree of seasoning, its great success is based on the combination of the colors of vegetables and ingredients with the most exotic species that make it unique!
Learning Spanish can be the perfect excuse to enjoy the gastronomy of the Spanish speaking villages. Burritos, tamales, paella, papusas, rice beans with ceviche — the list goes on and on, and is a delicious indicator of the diversity of Hispanic culture. Is it any wonder, then, that more and more people want to share these cultural wonders?

9. Learning Spanish is fun!

Learning Spanish opens many possibilities for more fun.
By knowing Spanish, you can enjoy reading in Spanish, which is very rich and entertaining. In addition to watching a good movie, Latin American and Spanish films are in full growth. Plus to be able to travel without a translator so that you can enjoy the trip more.
For all the reasons mentioned above, and more learning Spanish can be one of the most enjoyable things you can do.
Taking into account that Spanish is an easy to understand language without many complications in its grammar. Your motivations may vary perhaps in the intellectual or sentimental, but the truth is that learning Spanish is something that will benefit you for the rest of your life!



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